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J U N E T E E N T H    F A L L S    O N    F R I D A Y,  J U N E   1 9 t h,    2 0 1 5


Serengeti News

"A great place to find real African Art pieces", ...

 ... commented Erikan Ekefrey, not long after exhibiting at SG.  You may not be familiar with his work, but visit us today and you'll see some of his larger canvases beautifully framed on our walls.  We recommend keeping his art and artistic perspective on your radar.  A direct link to his portfolio is linked to the image above, so please enjoy browsing a photo-gallery of his works.  And if you're interested in talking numbers, we know his people.

Juneteenth is celebrated every year on June 19th,...

... so why do so few of our friends know about its importance?  The day of remembrance is fast approaching, and we're determined that this year, more people than ever will know.  Here's the challenge:  explain Juneteenth to three people who you feel should know, and ask them to do the same.  Feeling the spirit?  Keep sharing!  After all, forefathers in Galveston, wouldn't have learned they were free, were it not for word-of-mouth.  So, say it loud!

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Gallery Director, Wisson West, accepts the Harlem Rembrance Foundation's L.O.V.E. Award.

Paul Goodnight Exhibit Teaser (2009)




Leo Sarkisian's, Faces of Africa. A mini-tour