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Top Serengeti News

Recent Exhibit

Million Man March Photography Retrospective

Thru 01.2016  @Serengeti.   

Featured artists attended the exhibit's opening night to showcase their photographs from the 1995 Million Man March.

Artist Spotlight


Erikan Ekefrey is a rising contemporary African artist, from Nigeria.  If you missed the full exhibit, you can still visit us today to see some of his works beautifully framed on our walls.  Vibrant colors jump of the lively canvas scenes he depicts.  

"Serengeti is a great place to find real African Art"

Ekefrey paints unforgetable images full of energy and movement.  His portfolio is online for your viewing and purchasing convenience.  If you're interested in talking numbers, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Recurring Events

History Trivia now happens Monthly at Serengeti.  

Mark your calendar:

3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm

Community Spotlight


Melanin vs Non-Melanin:

Western Politics, Kemet, and the Afrikan Option


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Viewing Gallery

Featured Video Clips

Gallery Walk Through (Feb,2015)




Leo Sarkisian's, Faces of Africa: mini-tour



Nominated by the Honorable Wayne K. Curry, Gallery Director, Wisson West, accepts the Harlem Remembrance Foundation's L.O.V.E. Award.

(watch the video on youtube)